Flower Essences

Begonia009Flower essences work on the emotions in a very profound way; they can be used alone or in various combinations depending on the conditions to be treated. Flowers have been used in this way for thousands of years, but became more widely known through the work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. There are now many ranges of essences from all over the world including widely available products such as the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Original Flower Remedies, Alaskan Essences and Healing Herbs. Practitioners tend to have a preferred selection that they work with as there are now hundreds of individual essences.

We use flower essences primarily from the Australian Bush Flower Essence(ABFE) range and gem essences from the Indigo Essences range. Louise has been working with these for several years and is a Level 2 ABFE practitioner, a member of the Australian Bush Flower Essence Society and is a certified Indigo Essences Practitioner. For more information on these essences visit www.ausflowers.com.au  and www.indigoessences.com

  • Flower Essences offer gentle remedies for emotional issuesIndigo-Essences-Certified-
  • Combination blends can be made up for individual requirements
  • Flower Essences are simple to take in the form of drops
  • They are suitable for adults, children and animals
  • Many people find they work very quickly
  • They can be taken alongside other remedies and medicines


A consultation lasts about 60 minutes and the fee is £97  for adults; consultations with children are generally of a shorter duration and cost £40.

The most benefit is gained by having a series of consultations to adjust the remedies and momitor progress. A 3 session package is £247 (saving £44) for adults, £120 for children

If you are unable to visit our practice, flower essences consultations can be held via Skype or Zoom and the essences can be posted quite easily. Pet consultations will be considered and charged on an individual basis and subject to a sick animal having been seen by a vet.


ChartwellSept07We run two separate half-day workshops on flower essences:

Find out about the history and development of flower essences and the ranges available. Learn how to choose essences for yourself and your family. Includes a free personalised essence.

A workshop for complementary therapists to find out more about individual essences and gain confidence in using them with their clients or themselves. Includes a free personalised essence.

Both workshops last 2½ hours and the investment is £47

  • An Introduction to Flower Essences (Full Day)

This is an extended version of the introductory workshop which allows us to look at essences in more detail, in particular the Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences, Light Frequency Essences and Indigo Essences. Includes a free personalised essence, investment £97

  • Talks
  • Webinar

Listen to my one hour webinar introducing Flower Essences and describing how you can choose and use them. Details HERE

We can also give a talk to your group or society on how essences can help us through the ups and downs of life. Contact Louise for more details

Latest dates for these workshops can be found on the Workshops/Courses page HERE