Meditation made Easy

Do you want to try Meditation to help with stress or anxiety?

If you have been feeling under stress it can be hard to take time for yourself and find some peace and quiet.

Meditation or mindfulness practice can be very useful as a stress management tool. It even has widespread acceptance among conventional healthcare professionals.

Although some people still feel it has religious or spiritual connotations, it can be a very practical technique to include in a self-care programme. You don’t have you be religious or spiritual to practise meditation.

You will start to feel that you can have some control over the way you are feeling.

“Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Do you want to find out more about meditation, but the classes are never at the right time or in the right place?

For some time I have been running a six week class introducing a variety of styles of meditation. In order to gain the maximum benefit from a meditation practice, it has to be done on a regular basis- so it’s important to find a style that works for you.

Louise Jan 2011Course Facilitator, Louise Cardon

I am now offering the course as a series of six webinars, so you can view them live or as a recording at a time and place that suits you.

 Students regularly report feeling calmer straight after the first class. You can learn how to have more control over the way you feel.

 Could you find just one hour to learn more about meditation?

The classes are 45-60 minutes long with background information as well as a different meditation practice each session. Listen to them as and when you want to.

Session 1: Introduction to meditation and a guided visualisation

Session 2: Breathing and quick, short meditation practises

Session 3: Walking meditation and the benefits of mindful walking to relieve workplace stress

Session 4: Releasing physical tension mindfully

Session 5: More simple methods to achieve the meditative state, including all the senses

Session 6: Using mindfulness to change habits, guided visualisation to release worries

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