Stress Management

stressThe strains of modern life take their toll on the health and well-being of many of us, whether it be a difficult time at work or home.

We can offer a wide range of techniques to help you cope with the symptoms that stress produces. If we feel you would benefit best from something that we don’t offer at Keston , we will refer you to someone we trust to help.

Everyone is different and some approaches will suit some people better than others, so it is best to discuss your individual requirements.

We can also come to your workplace to discuss packages for staff. The use of complementary therapies has been shown to improve staff productivity and cut absenteeism.Stress leads to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and sleep problems. Work-related stress can lead to poor productivity.

Complementary therapies for Stress Management

  • Help with symptoms of stress, such as anxiety, headaches, insomnia
  • Can be tailored to suit the individual
  • Reduce staff absences
  • Increase staff morale
  • Increase productivity

Treatments and Consultations

Free initial consultations can be carried out over the phone to establish which would be the appropriate therapy or course for you to take. Details of specific therapies and courses can be found on their individual web pages. We’d love to talk to you about the best package for you and create individual packages for every client.

Courses and Workshops

  • Introduction to MeditationSpring7014

A six week course introducing a range of meditation techniques. Find the one that suits you best and reap the proven health benefits of regular meditation. Investment £90

See Workshops and Courses page for latest dates HERE

  •  Maintaining Good Health with Complementary Therapies

A one-day workshop introducing various modalities that you can use yourself or with a professional therapist to maintain your healthy mind, body and spirit. Investment £50, Dates TBA

  • Stress Management

A six week course looking at the sources of individual stress and how holistic remedies and techniques can be used to cope with the stresses and strains of modern life. Investment £150

See Workshops and Courses page for latest dates HERE

(NB we are happy to bring these courses to your workplace for the benefit of staff)