Tai Chi

Why should I learn T’ai Chi ?

  • Do you finTai Chi Classd you are wobbly sometimes?
  • Do you have stiff joints? aches and pains?
  • Do you find your mind racing?
  • Would you like a sense of peace and calm?

T’ai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise that may, when practised regularly:

  • improve your posture and balance
  • balance your nervous system
  • increase your mobility
  • help increase your bone density/strength
  • improve yourcirculation
  • strengthen your immune system

During a class we aim to work on awareness and improvement of posture every week through gentle Kai Men (Chinese Yoga) exercises. As we work within our own limits these are safe and beneficial for everyone.

We also practise some Tao Yin breathing exercises every week. Tao Yin exercises work on specific areas of the body to enhance your well being.

We will also learn the Li style Tai Chi Form. Translated as “Supreme Ultimate” the Tai Chi Form consists of a long sequence of uninterrupted, flowing movements performed at a slow and rhythmic pace. It utilises deep co-ordinated breathing and full concentration.

West Wickham Classes

I find that Tai Chi is brilliant when taught on a one to one basis. It means that I can tailor your training to your precise needs. I can also watch you really closely during your sessions and correct you so that you get the most out of your training.

These Li style Tai Chi classes are taught by Vicki Raven, an authorised TAO instructor.

Individual classes are £60 per hour.

For more information on the Taoist Arts Organisation please go to www.taoistarts.org or facebook.